Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Wanted: Scion Archmage Tuition: $9000

I've just spent the evening looking over the new product line from Empower Network. The value of a single "all in" customer just jumped to $9000. This excites me, even from the outside looking in. Many times I have heard the complaint that there "is no REAL content" before reaching the "steeply priced" $15K formula. I disagree. On my own I learned how to begin developing my own products, just from the Costa Rica Intensive information. How did I do that? By recognizing that following the 8 core steps in the fast start training have me literally producing "product" every day. I'm comfortable on camera to the point that most of my presentations are subconsciously driven, even if I know next to nothing yet about systematic lead capture, traffic generation, or closing the sale. I take the attitude that everything on the market works for someone, even if it is not yet working for me. That is the difference. I have nothing but time in which to learn this process. Today my most productive phone call discussed applying money I did not yet have to a leverage process I know next to nothing about. On the other hand, paying in $2500 in order to pursue $50,000 does not seem like a bad trade. Call me crazy, but I can see some things converging here, and I believe everything happens for a reason.

Veritasian Embassy 04/022014

Google Site Verification 04/02/2014

Friday, November 15, 2013

Archduchy Memberships For Sale: $15.00 Each

The Veritasian government is officially being formed! 993 Veritasian Archduchy Passports remain on sale at $15 each! Name your own Archduchy, become a permanent part of the Founding 1000 Lords and Ladies of the Veritasian Army of Nations! HRH Caspian II in Veritasia, filed 11/15/2013.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Non Profit Foundation and Other Questions

OK. I just verified that I currently have 5 subscribers on my Youtibe channel. Tried to do a Vblog once today already, but the system is acting up. What I know is that I have the determination to succeed with Empower Network, to succeed with Shaklee, to succeed in real estate investing, and with Veritasia Ministries. ALL of it. Today I have been negotiating with a close friend, and he suggested that I needed to open up a non-profit foundation, so that I have a viable means for business-to-business fundraising to take place. Meanwhile, I also discovered last night that it will "only" take about $7000 to get my Empower business back up and running with EVERYTHING paid for over the next year. Everything generated after that would be pure profit. Slowly, slowly, time ticks away on my Youtube community standards strike. I can't necessarily say that I am in any way personally responsible for Empower's new video/ audio hosting packages, but I feel as if I must have at least been one of many data points that went into that decision. I am beginning to be excited again, just as I was when I saw Empower put together that Star Wars theme video.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Empower Network: The Mage's Guild There is a reason why I refer to the Empower Network as the Mage's Guild within the Veritasia system. As of the moment I am writing this, I have no reason to suppose that anyone from inside the Empower Network even remembers me. I am not even legally an affiliate with them anymore, because of the financial hit I took from my fixed income after getting married. After Section 8 housing and all the "assistance" that the System can provide, I ONLY get $134 a "month," and even THAT I only get 8 times a year rather than 12. I ran the stats again tonight, and most of my hits for this blog are coming from "random" hits generated through my favorite Clickvoyager traffic exchange. Meanwhile, even after all assistance I OWE more in RENT than I am getting from the Social Security nerds. What I need to do is obvious. I need to start blogging on camera again. I need to revise my mailing list. I need to get back in touch with Bryan and see how I can develop a more "tangible" and "useful" product than the current Veritasia Passport. HRH Caspian II filed September 26th, 2013 at 11:40 PM Central time.

Monday, July 01, 2013

A Man For All Seasons - Paul Scofield

A Matter of Conscience: Henry VIII and Thomas More (clip)

Special Report: Gay Vatican

Veritasia: Embassy Report for 07/01/2013

Jonny Quest Cartoon - Intro / End Credits

Community engagement, human capital is focus of sociologist's research

Ambrov X: A Sime~Gen Roleplaying Game Teaser Trailer

Logan's Run T.V. Series Theme Song

Professor researches art in nuclear age

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Batman Theme

Man of Steel Theme Song Original Motion Picture Soundtrack OST [1080p HD...

Man of Steel: A commentary by Fr. Barron

Johnny Cash - Personal jesus

She Blinded Me With Science ~ Thomas Dolby

Charlotte Iserbyt - Deliberate Dumbing Down of the World

Rethinking Education

Charles Murray on Education Myths

Spider-Man And His Amazing Friends TV Show Intro

Spider-man Original Cartoon Theme Song

"War" by Edwin Starr (Original Video - 1969)

Airwolf - Extended version (Celebrating! I'm Flying!)

Veritasia: The Constitution (6/29/2013) Vblog Edition

The Veritasian Constitution (Print Copy)

Veritasia as a Ministry 1. Veritasia is a discipling ministry in the service, and to the everlasting glory, of our Lord Jesus Christ. 2. Veritasia is a ministry dedicated to the spiritual, physical,social, and economic empowerment of present and former victims and survivors of physical, mental, spiritual, and sexual identity abuses of all kinds. 3. Veritasia is an arts and entertainment ministry dedicated to the expansion of all forms of respectful creativity within and among our people. 4. Veritasia believes and maintains that our only “game” is ultimately the Game of Life. 5. Veritasia believes and maintains that any legitimate and respectful authority is never “taken” by brute force but must always be MADE through a genuine process of careful negotiations between the parties to that authority. 6. Veritasia believes and maintains that “the NATIONS” are all made up of the PEOPLE. 7. Veritasia believes and maintains that each man and woman throughout Civilization is gifted by Almighty God with an individual conscience, and the responsibility to use it to their best ability and to Civilization's greatest advantage. 8. Veritasia believes and maintains that since Almighty God chose to create an entire universe which is, in many ways, orders of magnitude stranger than we CAN imagine, that it is our duty while we remain here to “occupy” and to continue going and “making disciples” among all men and women until the unknown time set for the Apocalypse of Man, which at present is and can be known only to God the Father. We therefore choose to take a direct and personal stand against the Apocalypse Fever and the Disinformation Wars which are daily raging all about us. 9. Veritasia believes and maintains that for any life radically touched by the Holy Spirit, there can be no true separation between that which is “sacred to God” and that which is “merely secular.” 10. Veritasia believes and maintains that the only proper and civilized definition for “hate speech” is Hatred OF speech, that is: the attempt by any power elite, to forcibly suppress a contrary or unpopular opinion as an abuse of power and authority. As presently constituted, the Internet and the World Wide Web are full of such unjustified power dynamics, and it is the task of every registered Veritasian Citizen to work at eliminating all such bigotry and shame-based thinking wherever possible. HRH Filed: 6/29/2013

Friday, June 28, 2013

Kyrie - Mr. Mister (HQ Audio)

Michael Davis Ford's Theater part 2 (Ronald Reagan & Tip O'Neil laughing...

Rep. Tammy Duckworth takes apart IRS contractor for 'gaming' veterans be...

Escape from L. A. - Theme - Kurt Russell as Snake Plissken (HQ)

Dc Talk - Say the words

James Dobson quotes Mikey Weinstein at NDP event

David Barton: Obama To Force Chaplains, Central America to Perform Gay M...

Stealers Wheel - Stuck in the middle with you

"Sugar Cookie Christians"

Santorum: 'Death Knell' of Marriage Approaching

Michael W. Smith - Place In This World *original music video*

DC Talk - Jesus Is Just Alright (Official Music Video)

Steely Dan 《Do It Again》 (sound from original studio version)

Rush Limbaugh: Obama Leading 'War On Traditional Marriage'

Report From The Gay Rights Battle Front

Veritasia: Embassy Report (06/28/2013) Take 1

Human Trafficking Documentary

My First Pinopinion Poll 6/28/2013

Question: Is there any such thing as a Christian Science Fiction fan? I think so... but you might disagree!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Jars Of Clay: Flood & FAQ Part 4 FAQ Part 4: Is it fun? Answer: Veritasia can be as much fun as the players choose to make it. The question is: what kind of zero-cost actions should we be encouraging? How much of the process should be happening in Cyberspace, and how much in the real world? Question: How do I start? Answer: Everything begins with the $15 Overlord Passport. For the first 1000 players, this LIFETIME membership passport immediately advances your game rank to Archduke/Archduchess. Choose your NATION, pick your CAUSE, and receive your license from the Veritasian Crown to begin building your team. Pick any objective you like, complete your missions, and win awards from the Crown, or from other players, depending on how you choose to cooperate. Question: Do I need to be a Christian to play? Answer: No. Decidedly not. Anyone over 18 is free to play with us at any time. Question: Do I need to be an internet marketer to play? Answer: No. Decidedly not. The game is designed around what we call your RULING PASSION, so you are welcome to join as a participating member of any organization or cause, whether for profit or otherwise, or even to list strictly as a Private Citizen within the game world. Question: You sound like you really need money. Do you accept charitable donations? Answer: No. We are not a charitable organization in and of ourselves. We raise funds for the business and the ministry exclusively through the sale of game passports and other products as they are developed. Question: Do all the promotions in the game cost money? Answer: Yes and no. Individual warrants for promotion can be written in such a way as to contain only zero-cost actions for a given assignment. It all depends on the project and the individuals involved. Question: What is the Object of the game? Who would benefit the MOST from playing this game? Answer: The Object of the game, is to discover the Object of the game. No, seriously. Any individual player will benefit from an ongoing process of discovering their RULING PASSION, or the thing that makes them "tick." The ultimate benefit in terms of Veritasia Ministries is to help provide support at all levels to the victims or survivors of domestic violence and physical, emotional, or sexual identity abuse. Question: How is the Kingdom of Veritasia divided up? Is it a planet? A Galaxy? Does the game take place on Earth? And How Does it Involve the Internet? Answer: As an SF/Fantasy setting, Veritasia takes place beginning in the year 2525. Back in the 21st/22nd Centuries, the entire planet was very nearly destroyed by the Apocalypse Fever and the Disinformation Wars. In 2525, artificial intelligence is a commonplace thing, and star travel is in its beginnings. Immersive holography is a powerful medium, sometimes released as a child's plaything. Intellectual property rights and our ways of defending them have undergone radical changes. The economy has also been radically transformed. The old geo-political definitions for what constitutes a "nation" are basically dead and gone. The Overlords of the Interweb are some of the most powerful people on all of Terra. "Magic" is not just a symbol structure, but a world class cyberspace security clearance. MONEY is much more than just a fruitless chase after small green pieces of paper....MARKETING has evolved to encompass the whole of an individual's personal philosophy. The defining question in the year 2525 is: WHAT IS AUTHORITY? WHAT LEGITIMIZES AUTHORITY? HOW IS IT CREATED? HOW IS IT MAINTAINED? CAN IT BE TAUGHT?

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Veritasia: FAQ Part 3, 06/25/2013

Deceived ~ Trailer

The River Within Trailer

Veritasia: FAQ Part 2 06/25/13

Veritasia: FAQ Part 1, Take 2

Waterproof - Trailer

Shadow Government-The Cashless Society

Another Edgy Ministry I Choose to Support: XXXChurch

War Games movie Soundtrack "History Lesson" The Beepers

How a Mountain Vanished in the Presence of my Vision. | Empower Network

How a Mountain Vanished in the Presence of my Vision. | Empower Network

Another excellent report from David Wood.